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About Us

In 2009, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who ran Live Action Roleplaying Games at conventions were looking for ways to expand into other areas in the industry and came up with the idea of selling board games at conventions. From there, Foam Brain Games was born!
Our first convention appearance started with a single 10ft by 10ft booth at ConnectiCon in 2009. We quickly decided that it would be a fun idea to carry a small selection of premium dice at conventions - Then, we were hooked!
It soon became our mission to bring interesting, dynamic and high quality dice to convention goers all over the world! We began carrying dice from every manufacturer and expanding our products to include a variety of different dice styles and accessories.

Later in 2013, we were excited to announce that Foam Brain was the first company ever to run a Kickstarter for Metal RPG dice. We called this first line of our dice "Foam Brain Metals". Since then, 7 years have passed and Foam Brain has run 13 Kickstarters, expanded our premium dice selection and added a whole bunch of new products to our inventory. We also host pin trading programs at major conventions all over the United States, have attended over 500 cons, and sold over 1 million sets of dice!
Foam Brain Games is a company made and run by con-lovers like you! We treat every day as a new opportunity for us to share new products designed and developed for game lovers! 
Chief Executive Officer (He/Him)


Andrew's passion is making cool and innovative dice and manufactured goods. Over the last few years he and his team have created a variety of awesome projects including Lost Tome of Monsters, Mystery Loot, Traveller's Trinkets and Puzzle Cube dice. Originally starting as a convention vendor, in the past 14 years he's attended over 150 conventions and events throughout the country and gotten to bring his love of dice and games to hundreds of thousands of amazing people. His greatest accomplishment is surviving having several hundred metal dice chucked at him for a Kickstarter video.

Staff Pick: Hollow Hearts: Jeweled Sterling Silver

Chief Operations Officer (She/Her)


Mindy is Co-Owner and the COO - You can usually find Mindy taking photos of products for the website, working behind the scenes on projects and ordering MORE DICE! When she's not at work, Mindy is home spoiling her 3 tiny pups, Mork, Spock, and RiverSong, and playing board games with friends.

Staff Pick: Andromeda’s Nebula

Director of Operations (She/Her)


Lainey began as a Fulfillment Specialist who referred to a D6 as "the square one" and sneakily worked her way up to overseeing all Operations. If you've ever reached out to our Support email, you've likely chatted with Lainey before! She has a passion for wildlife conservation and daydreams of moving to Alaska (often while on the clock!). When she’s not at work, Lainey is either surrounding herself with nature and wildlife or she's on the couch with her dogs and high school sweetheart husband watching sitcom reruns from the 90s.

Staff Pick: Polar Bear

Accounts Manager/Bookkeeper (She/Her)


Abbie is a former Capital Region youth who has returned to the area after sojourning for a few years up by Lake Champlain. She recently joined Foam Brain Games as the Accounts Manager/ Bookkeeper.

Abbie can be unfound wandering in the woods and local mountain parks and will joyfully and without remorse, drop made-up words into casual conversation. She delights in reading, falling in love with everything French, listening to music tout le temps, and is generally just happy to be here.

Staff Pick: Violets are Blue

Art Lead (She/Her)


Graphic designer by day, Art wizard by night— she's the creative force behind the visuals at a Foam Brain Games. With a flair for the unconventional, she blends artistry and brand strategy to help make your next game a critical hit!

When she's not conjuring up designs and ideas with the team at Foam Brain, you'll find her painting in her art studio, gardening, or hanging out with her dogs & parrot!

Let's roll the dice (or pick up a paint brush) and explore the realms of design and visual arts together!

Staff Pick: Mystery Loot: Trick or Treat 3

Director of Sales (He/Him)


Shawn started with Foam Brain in 2018 as a Convention Manager and returned post-COVID to don the mantle of Director of Sales! In his downtime, you can find him with his cat, Rei, and he's probably cooking for somebody. He currently enjoys a myriad of gaming options: Pathfinder, D&D, Alien, and Exalted, as well as an extensive board game collection... although video games are his true vice.

Staff Pick: Bloodstone - Gemstone Engraved with Gold

Project Manager (She/Her)


A former preschool teacher and nanny extraordinaire, Kara is the resident rainbow goth at Foam Brain Games, and wishes she had made the career change sooner! She's worn many hats in her brief time here, but has settled comfortably into her role as the Customs Queen, handling all your custom pins, coins, dice and more!

On the clock, you can usually find her dancing around the warehouse, or rocking out at her desk as she gleefully tackles any and every project thrown her way. In her free time, she's usually checking out local vegan restaurants, talking your ear off about neurodivergence, mental health, and polyamory, obsessively creating detailed animal enclosures in Planet Zoo, and using her witchy powers to create useful objects out of pointy sticks and yarn!

Staff Picks: Ornate Rainbow Frame & Thousand Stars

Convention Manager (She/They)


When she isn't deciding whether to send the Dino or Dragon dice to a convention (spoiler: she sends both), she enjoys spending time with her cat Buddy, doing crafts, and solving puzzles. Buddy likes puzzles too and often helps her with the more difficult clues. 

Staff Pick: Pastel Punk

Executive Assistant/Convention Specialist (He/Him)


“Did you say you opened the door?” - last words before disaster

Former retail manager Ashe jumped at the chance to take on this new and exciting job! He does his best to support the whole team in whatever ways he can. And of course going to conventions and selling probably one million sets of dice (and pins, dice trays, bags; you know the deal). 

He’s been playing tabletop RPGs since college and has been a menace as both DM and player ever since. His favorite class is Barbarian and loves run horror-themed campaigns. When he’s not terrorizing his friends; he’s crocheting, playing video games, running around at Renaissance Faires, or cuddling with his wife Bee and their cat Loki.

Staff Pick: Radioactive Ore

Production Manager (He/They)


Zach prints your cubes, and lots of other things! If you don't find them DMing a game, look in the woods! Zach loves nature, D&D, and loud punk music.

Staff Pick: Mind Eater: Bronze

Pre-Production Coordinator (He/Him)


Dusty, like everyone else, is a blob of electrified gray jelly in a bone mech is just trying to make it in the world. He was a convention manager with Foam Brain Games from 2018 through the start of 2020. He returned to the company in 2022 to take on the new and exciting role of Director of Production. He has currently switched gears and is now serving as Pre-Production Coordinator. In his free time he spends too much time with his dog, Hazel the Good Doggo, plays too many games, and enjoys afternoon naps.

Staff Pick: Blue Milky

Production Specialist/Social Media (She/Her)


Kristin is the happy little mystery loot goblin! She currently makes all of Foam Brain Games Mystery Loots and also does our Facebook and Instagram social media accounts! When she's not busy at work, she is spending time with her pups, bonus kid, niece, and nephew. She loves exploring old cemeteries and anything spooky!

Staff Pick: Friendly Fiend

Production Specialist (He/Him)


Originally hailing from the windy city, Steph started at Foam Brain back in July 2022. As a part of the production team, he's usually bouncing between multiple machines printing, cutting, and lasering away the day. In his downtime he indulges in gaming, rollerblading, music, and his cat to help merge the timelines.

Staff Pick: Grim Scythe: Sanguine

Procurement and Special Projects Coordinator (They/Them)


Mac started working at Foam Brain at the end of 2020. Originally just planning on a 2 week project to help get dice on the online store, they ended up staying for quite a bit longer. After mastering getting orders out to customers, and a short side quest into logistics, they settled into their newest position which lets them be the dice goblin of their dreams. When not working, Mac loves to bake, play D&D, watch old sci-fi with their husband, listen to frogs outside, and crochet pride bats for their Etsy page.

Staff Pick: Magical Frog Sticker

Fulfillment Department Manager/Video Production (She/Her)


“Can I use a Free Action to regret not knowing about this job sooner?”

Siobhan is so glad this job rolled into her life. If you've ever reached to support, you are likely chatting with Siobhan. When she isn't filming her shenanigans for TikTok and managing the Fulfillment Team she's usually on a stage performing somewhere or playing games with her friends.

Staff Pick: Hollow Dragon keep D20 - Rose Gold

Order Fulfillment Specialist (She/Her)


After growing up in the Midwest, Mary moved to the region with her partner and three grem--cats, Mogwai, Mischief, and Moonstone. When she's not playing Tetris with dice as a Fulfillment Specialist, she enjoys woodland adventures, reading esoteric nonfiction, and summoning chaos with her friends.

Staff Pick: Forest Fog

Order Fulfillment Specialist (He/Him)


Meet Joel, our resident Order Fulfillment Specialist at FBG! With a love for video games, graphic novels, and all things geeky, Joel brings a fun, vibrant energy to our team. Together, we're on a mission to deliver top-notch service to businesses far and wide!

Staff Pick: Sharp Edge Moving Eye: Medusa's Gaze

Order Fulfillment Specialist (she/her)


When Renie isn't working hard to get your orders to you, you could find her reading memories and historical fiction. Or at a yard sale or thrift shop!

As an animal lover, she makes sure that the birds, squirrels and chipmunks are happy and fed in her yard. Some make call it obsessed, but she calls it passionate! She and her wife have 5 Australian Shepherds and they traveling the country to dog shows.

Staff Pick: Metallic Bouquet -Copper with Red Orchids 

Warehouse Assistant (He/Him)


Sebastián is an absolute powerhouse! He handles all things Warehouse, from getting pallets where they need to go, to getting our mail out in time, Sebastián is on top of it. 

When he is not doing the heaving lifting, he is watching his son play soccer and being a great father.

"¡Mateo es campeón!"

Staff Pick: Soccer Ball

Fulfillment Support (She/Her)


Sandra does anything and everything needed to support the fulfillment team, from cubing dice, to bagging Mystery Loots, to putting stickers on all of our products! On her personal days, Sandra enjoys going for a walk with her beautiful 14 year old son, riding her bike, cooking and congregating with her brothers from her Church. Sandra feels happy about her work in everything she does, especially bagging Mystery Loots!

Staff Pick: Carnation Love

Fulfillment Support (She/Her)


Alba has 2 wonderful children and a spectacular husband. Her hobbies are going out to enjoy nature with her family, and cooking their favorite foods.

Alba loves her work here at Foam Brain because of the quality of people, the environment, the respect, and its variety of products. She is grateful to be part of Team Foam Brain Games!

Staff Pick: Pink Polar Bear