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This package is great for new customers or those who need a small restock. 

- 30 sets of Plastic/Resin RPG dice in acrylic cases
- 12 Metal RPG sets in a dice tin with foam inserts
- 3 D100's  in clear plastic box
- 3 rectangle snap Dice Trays
- 3Hex snap Dice Trays
- 6 Mystery Loot bags with a full plastic RPG set of dice and 1 metal die in each
- 6 enamel pins - Dragons
- 6 enamel pins - Monsters
- 2 Dice Rollup Mats
* see full list of items below

All items are labeled with a unique barcode and sku number for easy re-ordering.  If any item is out of stock, we will replace it with a similar item of equal/higher value

100 Sided Die - Blue D100
100 Sided Die - Black Opaque with Yellow D100
100 Sided Die - Translucent Green D100
Ancient Silver RPG Dice Set
Banner Class Sticker: Barbarian
Banner Class Sticker: Bard
Banner Class Sticker: Cleric
Banner Class Sticker: Druid
Banner Class Sticker: Fighter
Banner Class Sticker: Monk
Banner Class Sticker: Paladin
Banner Class Sticker: Ranger
Banner Class Sticker: Rogue
Banner Class Sticker: Sorcerer
Banner Class Sticker: Warlock
Banner Class Sticker: Wizard
Black Roll Up Leatherette Dice Mat
Blue, Green & Yellow Shimmer Layer RPG Dice
Briar Rose Aurora RPG Dice Set
Brown Roll Up Leatherette Dice Mat
Burnt Opal with Blue RPG Dice Set
Burnt Opal with White RPG Dice Set
Copper Cosmos RPG Dice Set
Copper Foil Fragment Filled RPG Dice
Copper with Onyx RPG Dice Set
Copper with Tanzanite RPG Metal Dice Set
Dice Dragons Pin: Air
Dice Dragons Pin: Earth
Dice Dragons Pin: Fire
Dice Dragons Pin: Gold
Dice Dragons Pin: Smoke
Dice Dragons Pin: Water
Dual Amethyst and Green RPG Set
Elliptical Galaxies RPG Dice Set
Embossed Antique Silver Metal RPG Dice Set
Espresso Cream RPG Dice Set
Fairy's Tail Ribbon RPG Dice Set
Fireflies Forest RPG Dice Set
Glow in the Dark Blue RPG Dice Set
Glow in the Dark Mango RPG Dice Set
Gold Bubblegum RPG Dice Set
Gold Vanilla Cupcake RPG Dice Set
Gold with Emerald RPG Dice Set
House Pride - Loyalty RPG Dice Set
Jester’s Gambit RPG Dice Set
Lakebed RPG Dice Set
Leatherette & Velvet Dice Tray (Black w/ Magenta Rectangle)
Leatherette & Velvet Dice Tray (Black w/ Red Rectangle)
Leatherette & Velvet Dice Tray (Navy w/ Purple Hex)
Leatherette & Velvet Dice Tray (Navy w/ Tan Rectangle)
Lemon Cream RPG Dice Set
Light Blue and Purple Jade RPG Dice Set
Monster Index Pin: Eye Monster
Monster Index Pin: Gelly Cube
Monster Index Pin: HippoGriff
Monster Index Pin: Merfolk
Monster Index Pin: Mimic
Monster Index Pin: Owl Bear
Mystery Loot: RPG Dice Set & Bonus Metal Die
Leatherette & Velvet Hex Dice Tray (Navy with Lime)
Leatherette & Velvet Hex Dice Tray (Navy with Teal)
Pink Shimmer Dice Set
Posey RPG Dice Set
Purple People Eater RPG Dice Set
Radioactive Soil RPG Dice Set
Rainbow Dash RPG Dice Set
River at Dusk RPG Dice Set
Ro Chrome RPG Dice Set
Rose Way RPG Dice Set
Sea Mist RPG Dice Set
Silver Embossed Amethyst RPG Dice Set
Silver Sparkle RPG Dice Set
Silver with Ruby RPG Dice Set
Tidal Waves RPG Dice Set
Translucent Rainbow RPG Dice Set
Universe RPG Dice Set
White Jade RPG Dice Set
Wind of Spring RPG Dice Set