Retailer Package - Basic Metal RPG Dice



This package is great for new customers or those who need a small restock. 

- 19 sets of Metal RPG dice in metal cases with foam inserts

* see full list of items below

All items are labeled with a unique barcode and sku number for easy re-ordering.  If any item is out of stock, we will replace it with a similar item of equal/higher value


Alchemist Metals RPG Dice Set: Burnt Opal
Burnt Opal with Blue RPG Dice Set
Burnt Opal with White RPG Dice Set
Copper with Onyx RPG Dice Set
Copper with Sapphire RPG Dice Set
Copper with Tanzanite RPG Metal Dice Set
Digital Copper Orange with Pink RPG Dice Set
Dual Amethyst and Green RPG Set
Embossed Antique Copper Metal RPG Dice Set
Embossed Antique Silver Metal RPG Dice Set
Emerald Mesh RPG Metal Dice Set
Gold Bubblegum RPG Dice Set
Gold Vanilla Cupcake RPG Dice Set
Gold with Emerald RPG Dice Set
House Pride - Loyalty RPG Dice Set
Purple Orbit and Black RPG Dice Set
Rainbow Pride Flag - RPG Metal Dice Set
Silver Embossed Amethyst RPG Dice Set
Silver with Ruby RPG Dice Set

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