Cup of Dice (Random Scoop)

Color: Blue


This Cup of Dice is packed with approximately 60 dice!  We randomly scoop an overflowing cup for you in the color cup of your choice so that you can share your hoard with your friends, throw them at your enemies or just save them to replace all the dice that have let you down at the D&D table! 

Dice consist of an assortment of Polyhedral (RPG) dice - D20, D12, D1%,  D10, D8, D6 & D4

All cups have a D20 on one side and our logo on the other side.

If you want to buy a cup with NO dice, you can check them out here:  Plastic Cup

***  We pack these as well as we can, but the cups sometimes break in transit.  Unfortunately, we cannot replace the cup if it arrives cracked. ***

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